Any plans to support DynamoDB for a persistence choice?

I know there is an option for CosmosDB. Any plans to support DynamoDB?

There is support for mongodb….so AWS managed documentDb might be an alternative if you want aws managed database.



I am gonna suggest AWS for current needs.

Hey @mgmccarthy,

It’s something we’ve always had on our radar but never committed to doing. We’re always collecting evidence, however, so I’ve made a note in the right place. In order to properly support the Outbox you’d have to be storing business data in Dynamo as well. Is there anything specifically that would lead you to want to use Dynamo instead of SQL Persistence+RDS or Mongo?

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@DavidBoike you guessed it, all business data is stored in DynamoDB. I’ve used CosmosDB before, and I know Particular recently added support for that type of persistence. My guess is you’re not hearing for Dynamo a lot b/c more NSB user’s are probably using Azure or Mongo or something along those lines.

Update on this, looks like support for Outbox has been removed from my current project that is using DynamoDB, so this post is no longer relevant. Not too sure how to close it out?

No need to do anything @mgmccarthy – maybe not relevant for you anymore but it’s sure to be relevant to someone else down the line. We’ll keep collecting data on anyone who would be interested in employing Dynamo.