ASB subscription/rule name shortener preventing subscription requests through NServiceBus Router

I’ve created an MSMQ based Publisher that can publish event messages to an Azure Service Bus based Subscriber. I order to accomplish this, I’ve implemented NServiceBus.Router into the publisher (running in same process). This works fine. Subscriber can send subscription request and publisher stores it in subscription storage as originating from router. Publisher can publish event messages to subscriber.

However, for subscriptions where subscription/rule name exceeds 50 characters, at which point the name shorteners kicks in, then the subscription request is not picked up by the publisher, and it is not stored in subscription storage, which means publisher cannot publish event messages for that type.

Any way to fix this?

NServiceBus router is a community project.
Have you tried raising the question at the project GitHub repo?

Oh I see. No I have not. I will do so now.