AuditConfig or ServiceControl/AuditQueue appSetting


(Ismael Hamed) #1

When configuring message auditing for sending to a remote audit queue for SC to process, what’s the difference between using the AuditConfig section in an Endpoint config, and just setting the appropiate ServiceControl/AuditQueue entry in the appSettings? Same for the error queue.

(Daniel Marbach) #2

Hi Ismael,

ServiceControl/AuditQueue and ErrorQueue is the queue ServiceControl will ingest audit and error messages from. The AuditConfig section would control where the internal NServiceBus endpoint of ServiceControl would send its received messages to. I would advice not to change AuditConfig. That functionality also depends on the features that the internally used NServiceBus version is exposing. ServiceControl that runs on latest major version of NServiceBus no longer support config loading. ServiceControl’s functionality should be configured by using ServiceControl/Audit|ErrorQueue.