Endpoint not Receiving "MessageFailed" event from Service Control - Service Control and Endpoint uses different database

Hi All,

I have followed the steps here to subcribe the “MessageFailed” event.

My setup is I have an endpoint Endpoint1 which is subscribed to the “MessageFailed” event which is configured to use Database1 for ServiceControl and Database2 for Transport. Particular.ServiceControl is configured on Database1 which hold the audit and error queues. Endpoint1 is also configured on a different audit and error queues to avoid the infinite loop processing.

The configured table for the subscription is existing in Database1 and the event is also inserted as below:

  • QueueAddress - Endpoint1@[schema]@[Database2]
  • Endpoint - Endpoint1
  • Topic - ServiceControl.Contracts.MessageFailed

I am not sure if having a different database for Particular.ServiceControl and endpoint is causing the issue here.


What versions of ServiceControl and NServiceBus do you use?