Help Needed in implementing a publish/subscribe model using nServiceBus

(Ron) #1


I am trying to implement nServiceBus as follows:

(1) set up nServiceBus (with MSMQ) as the bus
(2) Application X connecting to the bus and “publishing” an event message on the bus
(3) Application B and C subscribing to the events and receiving the event message published by X
(4) The event messages are persisted in a DB(MS-SQL).

Can anyone help with providing some sample code to implement this?

thanks and regards

(Dennis van der Stelt) #2

Hi Ron,

We have a great tutorial that explains exactly how this works. Did you follow this tutorial yet?
You can find it here : Introduction to NServiceBus

Your questions should surely be addressed there.

(Indu Alagarsamy) #3

Hi Ron,

See my response here on how to getting a pub/sub sample going with MSMQ.

Indu Alagarsamy