How do I get a java application to subscribe to an NServiceBus publisher?

I’ve asked Google and searched through the NServiceBus website and forums, but I can’t seem to find any prescriptive guidance on how I would write a Java application to subscribe to a publisher. Does anyone have any such link or experience?

First of all, it totally depends on the transport. For example, if you are using Azure Service Bus, you need to talk to Azure Service Bus to create a topic (if it’s not already there) and subscribe to the event, the way NServiceBus expects it. Then you’ll get messages that you need to deserialize yourself.

I worked with someone else in the past to do native integration over RabbitMQ, where Java was the publisher of messages and NServiceBus picked them up. This Gist was shared to provide code that I still need to turn into a valid sample. Perhaps it’s useful to you.

thank you very much for your replay…