How do you configure servicepulse to display all events in a local time zone?

the title says it all

That’s actually a great feature request!

Some clarification though: do you mean the local timezone to ServiceControl, or the local timezone to the user’s browser?

The idea is to easily match messages in ServiceInsight, ServicePulse and also match them to log files and other events in the environments. How best to accomplish that I wouldn’t know. Chances are the message headers will have to be in a local time too?

All times are stored as UTC, when showing the ‘age’ of a message the difference between a system its time in UTC and the stored message timestamp is taken in UTC.

NServiceBus headers

Any timestamps visible in NServiceBus headers in ServicePulse are in UTC.

Log timestamps in UTC

Log files in general log in UTC too, logging timestamps with a specific timezone is error prone due to daylight saving time (DST) changes and in general is also slower because calculating the local time requires a calculation from UTC to a specific timezone which is an overhead.

Synchronize clocks (NTP)

If you are running with a multi server setup it is highly recommended to also synchronize system clocks between servers. Make sure that all your servers synchronize time frequently and that they use the exact same time source. This method results in timestamps that usually only be a few milliseconds apart between servers.

Timestamps in message bodies and own headers

If you are using timestamps in your messages then you are responsible to use the correct timezone everywhere or just work in UTC which is in general recommended when dealing with time.

Add UTC as an additional clock on your desktop

Another tip, add an additional system clock in your windows desktop that also shows UTC.

– Ramon