Is there a quick way to re-create ServiceControl/ServiceMonitoring queues?

Using RabbitMQ broker

When changing the topology of the message handlers (or just removing a few Handle() in our services), the queues bindings are not removed. The easy way I found to fix it instead of having to go in the management webpage and unbind the queues manually is just to completely reset the rabbitmq node and start anew. The next time our services start, with the endpointConfiguration.EnableInstallers(); line it re-create everything it needs.

Problem is, ServiceControl and ServiceMonitoring don’t launch EnableInstallers() and don’t re-create their queues when the service start. The only way I found to do it is to launch ServiceControl Management, delete all instances and re-create them.

Is there an option or a button somewhere or a command line I could launch to re-create the queues without uninstalling the services?

Hi Dunge,

From spelunking through the code, it looks like you can probably do this by executing ServiceControl.exe -s.


Thanks for the reply.

You also have to call
ServiceControl.Monitoring.exe -s