MongoDB persistence package?

It’s 404:

As a workaround you can use MyGet feed for now.

Hey Jimmy,

The NServiceBus.Storage.MongoDB package isn’t available on NuGet yet. There will be a public beta available on NuGet soon. As Sean already pointed out, please use our MyGet feed till then.

Where did you see that NuGet link?

On the docs site:

ah I see. Looks like the sample has already been added to the menu while the persistence doc itself is going to be added once the NuGet package is available.

If you’re playing around with the MongoDB package, please let us know what you think (the repo is over here: :slight_smile:

When will this package be available in Any timelines?

@DeepuV @jbogard the beta package is now available on NuGet, see our beta announcement for more information about the beta: NServiceBus MongoDB persister beta has been released