Need help - New to NServiceBus

Hi, I’m new to NServiceBus and investigating if we could use this on our software product. The hard minimum requirement is that this needs to run on a Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 with .NET Framework 4.0.

According to documentations, only the NServiceBus V4.X is compatible with .NET Framework 4.0. The problem is that the support for V4 already expired. NServiceBus V5 is compatible with .NET Framework 4.5, is it possible to rebuild the whole source code of NServiceBUS V5 into .NET Framework V4.0 and I would avail support.

What are my alternatives?

Also, I’ve tried to download samples/tutorials from NServicebus 4 from the link ( but all the samples were upgraded to NServiceBus 6.1.2, can anyone point me to the old source when it wasn’t upgraded? It seems that there’s a lot of object model changes from V4 to V6. For example, the EndpointConfiguration object wasn’t there in the V4.

Appreciate any comments/help.


Hi John,

If you’ve downloaded that zip-file, for (at least) most samples there’s a core_4 folder where NServiceBus 4.x is used. This is a quite old version though and I’d seriously consider upgrading. What might be a possibility is that you use NServiceBus 4 to start sending messages from a website, if you can’t upgrade the website. But have v6 endpoints on a separate machine. That machine with a later version of the framework can then process those messages (they are wire compatible) and you’ll have tons of new features and bug fixes in those endpoints. You can run those endpoints separated from everything else.

Can you share the reasons you’re unable to upgrade to a later version of the .NET Framework?

Thanks Dennis! I have found the sample codes under core_4 as you have pointed it out. I’ll play around with the code set.

As to the reason why I can’t use later versions of .NET Framework is that the target systems for the software I will be making are Distributed Control Systems for Industrial Plants (E.g. Oil, Gas and Chemical Plants) that are up-and-running 24/7 and customers don’t want to upgrade their systems readily. Software upgrades means plant shutdown and plant shutdown means thousands of dollars lost. So I’m pretty much stucked with .NET Framework 4.0 and NServiceBus V4 option.

Anyway, I’m still building up a business case whether to use NServiceBus or not. I’ll ask more questions as I go along.