nservicebus 5 to 6

the PUBLISH is not working .
what is change in this version?
if i am following the documentation nothing should change .
please help.
the only think that is change is that bus changed to ImeassageSession

this is where i send from

CreatedEvent(IMessageSession context)
_context = context;
public void Handle(AccountCreatedEvent @event)
_context .Publish(e =>
e.Id = @event.Account.Id;
e.ParentAccountId = @event.Account.ParentAccountId;
e.Title = @event.Account.Title;
e.ReferrerId = @event.Account.Referral.Id;
e.ExtraCredits = @event.ExtraCredits;


this is the handler

public async Task Handle(IAccountCreatedEvent message, IMessageHandlerContext context)
Some Code…

and this is the line in the handler app.config

i am sending the message from endpoint called “MaaS.Web”
into end point called “Maas.Billing”


It seems some of the snippets are a bit cut off. For example I’m not able to see the app.config entry you mentioned. Would you mind updating the issue a bit to give more information including the type of exception you are seeing? What is also helpful for us is the transport and persistence you are using including the exact NServiceBus version you are using. With that information we are hopefully able to get you unstuck