NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting is planned to be retired

Hi everyone,

We have decided to retire the NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting experimental labs project.

Why is it being retired?

  1. It does not appear to be widely adopted.
  2. MSMQ will no longer be developed by Microsoft. As such we don’t recommend using it in new projects.
  3. All other transports supported by the Service Platform will have native pub-sub going forward, which reduces the usefulness of file-based routing configuration to commands only. If the intention is to replace the NServiceBus routing system completely, a better approach is to directly tap into the routing extensibility API.

What does it mean to retire NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting ?

Retiring NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting doesn’t mean that this component is no longer available. Once retired, the main result is that Particular Software will no longer maintain it. More specifically:

  1. Particular Software will not make any further code changes. No new releases will be published.
  2. The NuGet packages will be unlisted. The current versions will still be available to projects that already have a package reference.
  3. Documentation and samples will be moved to the package’s code repository.
  4. The packages source will be open-sourced under the MIT license.
  5. Any person or organization may clone/fork the repository and modify it to suit their needs.

What can be done if this affects you

If you are affected by this decision, then there are 2 options available to you:

  1. Use the advanced routing API to create and maintain a compatible file-based routing solution. This can easily be started by cloning the NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting repository source code.
  2. Switch to a different transport in order to use native pub-sub and eliminate the need to use file-based routing.
  3. Contact support for recommendations and assistance if required.

For now, NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting remains available as usual. Once NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting is effectively retired, we will make a new announcement.

If you are interested in forking a maintaining a community project based on NServiceBus.FileBasedRouting, feel free to let us know!

All the best,

From all of us here,
in Particular