Particular.Monitoring can't access remotely


I am using Service Control (1.44) and Service Pulse (1.1.1)

I setup the Service Control Monitoring with the machine name, I opened the port via windows firewall. I then modified the servicepulse app.constants.js to use the machine name for the monitoring.

It works fine on the local machine, but fails with an error when accessing it remotely.

I could not find any ServicePulse log files to help diagnose the issue.

Any ideas?

(Mike Minutillo) #2

Hi macdonald-k,

The ServiceControl Monitoring instance will only respond to requests from localhost by default. It needs to have it’s Host configuration set to the machine name to allow for external requests. You can do this with the ServiceControl Management Utility application (described here). Alternatively you can manually set the value Monitoring/HttpHostname in the config file. Remember to restart the monitoring instance window service when changing this value.

You can test this by going to the monitoring instance in your browser. It should return some json indicating what version it is. Check it from the local machine and from the remote one (where Pulse is running).

If you can access the machine remotely but not from ServicePulse then you might need to clear your browser cache. ServicePulse is a javascript application that runs entirely in your browser. It comes packaged with a host (windows service) application but all that does is serve up the html/js/css files for the main application.

Let me know if that helps.

Mike Minutillo
Particular Software


I had restarted the Service Control Monitoring instance, the UI forces it when you change the name. I had also re-started the pulse service. Anyway, the machine was rebooted over the weekend for patch maintenance and it now works. So, something needed to be restarted that I had missed…

(Mike Minutillo) #4

That is good news.

I am glad to hear that it’s all working now and we look forward to your feedback on the new monitoring tools in ServicePulse.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.