RavenDb to SQL Persistence Saga Migration

We are actively working on migrating all of our endpoints from Ravendb Persistence to Sql Persistence. I’ve looked at the documentation on migrating Saga data over. From my understanding of the documentation, all new saga creations get routed to the Sql persistence version while all of the existing sagas in ravendb would process as normal until all Sagas have completed in Ravendb. Then you would swap out the code to use the SQL version going forward. This process could take a very long time to complete the migration if an existing saga currently stays open for many months. Is my understanding of this process correct?

Is there any thought/current work of a more data conversion process where it would be possible to move all of the sagas over from Ravendb to SQL at once rather than waiting for each saga to complete in the old persistence before switching over to the new? I realize that you would have to shut down the endpoint to do something like this but it would make it quicker to migrate over for some of our endpoints at least (We are looking to get off Ravendb as quickly as possible with all the issues we have had with it)

Hi @mickAnderson24!

I have some good news for you :slight_smile: We have a tool and a recommended process that you can use to migrate your sagas, it’s documented here.

If you notice that some parts of the guide could be improved, we’ll really appreciate a PR or just a new issue in that repository with feedback.

If you need more hands-on assistance, just email us on support@particular.net, we’ll be happy to help.


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Awesome, I’ll take a look at it!