Recieve interop message on Satalite queue without message-id

I,m trying to consume a RabbitMQ events created by Dapr. Each message have a CloudEvent envelope with a unique id but they dot not have a MessageId property.

When Message is received on the Satallite queue as error occurs:

System.InvalidOperationException: A non-empty 'message-id' property is required when running NServiceBus on top of RabbitMQ. If this is an interop message, then set the 'message-id' property before publishing the message.
   at NServiceBus.Transport.RabbitMQ.MessageConverter.DefaultMessageIdStrategy(BasicDeliverEventArgs message) in /_/src/NServiceBus.Transport.RabbitMQ/Receiving/MessageConverter.cs:line 88
   at NServiceBus.Transport.RabbitMQ.MessageConverter.RetrieveMessageId(BasicDeliverEventArgs message, Dictionary`2 headers) in /_/src/NServiceBus.Transport.RabbitMQ/Receiving/MessageConverter.cs:line 22 

I there any way to consume such messages?


You can take control over how the message-id is determined using

See RabbitMQ transport native integration sample • RabbitMQ Transport Samples • Particular Docs for a complete sample.

Does this help?



Thanks, if i have access to the body of the message this could work.