Reverting to an earlier version of software

(Kevin Ison) #1

Is there there a way to revert fronm 1.4x to 1.41? I need to test a condition that didn’t exist until I upgraded to 1.46.

(William Brander) #2

Hi Kevin

Which product are you referring to? I assume ServiceControl. If so, you can uninstall ServiceControl (leaving the data and logs of your instance) and then download the version you want to replicate with from the Github releases page.

Please note though that unlike our libraries, we only support the latest version of ServiceControl - meaning that bug fixes are not backported to previous versions. So if you find a bug, the fix will only be made in the latest version of ServiceControl. Please let us know as soon as you find something that is not working as expected so that we can address it and get a new version in your hands ASAP.

(Kevin Ison) #3

My apologies… yes ServiceControl. Thanks I will go checkout it out at github… Thanks William!