Service pulse not persisting the configuration

Hey All,

we have the following 2 questions regarding service pulse.

Question 1:
Service pulse is not persisting the email configuration: We configured service pulse email notification and saved it.

But later on when we reopen service pulse the values for Authentication Account and Authentication Password are not showing up.

are we missing something here ?

Question 2

the description in the below screenshot mentions that we will receive alerts for messages in error queue.

does this mean that when a new message is in the error queue a notification is sent ? is our assumption correct ?

Hi @Nen_Zax,

can you share the version of ServiceControl that you are connecting to?



Hi @tmasternak
did you need any other information ?

Thanks -Nen

Hi @Nen_Zax

sorry for the late response. I’ve missed the previous notification for some reason.

Can you email and let me know in this thread? I think solving your problem via support case will be easier.

The version on ServiceControl looks correct. Do you see any errors in the developers’ console in your browser when you try to save the configuration?


@tmasternak thank you we will raise a support ticket for #1. Can you answer #2, regarding mails for messages in the error queue.

Thanks -Nen

Hi @Nen_Zax,

regarding mails for messages in the error queue. As mentioned in the documentation, email notifications will be triggered by health check state changes. Messages in the error queue trigger integration events which are separate.

If you want to handle notifications for the messages in the error queue, you will need to set up a dedicated endpoint (or extend the existing one) with handlers for the integration events you are interested in. Such a handler would be able to trigger emails whenever an event is received.