Upgrading to NSB7 from NSB5 - Service Control and Queue database on different SQL Server instance

We are pointing all the endpoints to a single service control database which is on a different database server, this is where the audit, error queues are pointed so we can manage it all on a single service insight instance. For each endpoints, they have their own queue database where messages are saved which some of the databases is on a different database server. This current set up is working on NSB5, but after upgrading to NSB7, the endpoints where service control is on a different database server and queue database is on another database server does not work anymore.

Does NSB7 not allowed to use multiple database servers for saving the queue and saving the audit, error etc?


The multi-instance feature has been removed from the SQL Server transport. To connect the endpoints that use a different instance of the SQL Server to ServiceControl you can use ServiceControl Transport Adapter. It will forward messages from audit, error and control queues in one instance to queues in another instance.