About the Public Previews category

What is a Preview?

A Preview is minimal production-ready software that is the result of a larger research process that has identified a need and determined the best way to deliver a solution.

As the final step of this process, a version of the software is released that is used to verify that the solution is viable prior to adopting it into the Particular Platform. We measure verified user adoption to allow us to make the decision to make any Preview a part of the Particular Platform.

What to do if you are using a Preview?

Let us know you are using it

Please let us know if you are using this preview by emailing us at support@particular.net.

Give us feedback

We appreciate any feedback you can provide about each new Preview. What works? What could be better? Was there something that prevented you from using the Preview?

Please leave your feedback via our existing support channels, the project repository for the Preview, or this public previews discussion group.

Let others know

Did you have a good experience with the Preview? Blog or tweet about it! Since adoption is critical to the success of Previews letting others know about it helps drive adoption.

If you do blog or tweet about a Preview, let us know!

Where can I find out about new Previews or the status of an existing Preview?

We will announce new Preview releases in this category, and you can always see a list of all of our current Previews and their status at the main Previews documentation page.

How are Previews Licensed?

Previews are licensed separately from the rest of the Particular Platform.

What is the Support Policy for Previews?

You can review the support policy for Previews on our docs site.

To request support for a Preview use our existing support channels.