Anyone interested in a code review?

I would like to put out the offer to do a low level code review for any takers. If you share your solution (or part of) with me I will do a ~30min review and share any findings, comments, suggestions.

If help is required with larger architectural questions you should consider requesting an architectural review Consulting • Particular Software, a POC review We can help with your proof-of-concept • Particular Software, start a discussion on discuss or in gitter

The review will primarily be focused on common bugs and issues I have seen over my years working with NServiceBus based solutions

How I think it could work

  • Code must be hosted on one of the popular cloud hosting vendors (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc). Note this does not mean you need to expose you actual working repository. It can be a temporary snapshot for review purposes.
  • Give me temporary access to the repo so I can review the code.
  • I create a branch and or a PR (or equivalent). So I can make changes, share them, and have a place to discuss them.
  • At least that is the theory.


  • Solution must be compilable. So it is possible to use the full intellisense tooling.
  • Does not need to be runnable or debuggable.
  • All references can be resolved. Either through nuget, some custom nuget feed, or committed to source control.
  • Have access to create a branch and or a PR (or equivalent). So changes can be made, shared, and discussed.

Any effort put into minimizing the amount of un-used code would be appreciated. From the perspective of an external party looking at a new codebase, any improvement in the signal to noise ratio helps.

If, in addition to our standard license agreement, more clarification is require we have a standard NDA that can be agreed upon.

This is a first in first served arrangement. If I get too much interest I may need to re-evaluate in the future.

You can contact me on

Looking forward to hearing from you.