Archive Failed Messages?

Hi All,

We have test environments that are refreshed fairly regularly and we have a series of post-refresh steps that includes Archiving failed messages.

I know I can get (some) failed messages using server:port/api/errors?status=unresolved (though it appears as if it will only give me 50 items back - is there a way to indicate # of messages in the response?)

I can build a JSON package of message id’s as well, but I’m wondering if there is a call I can make (either via POST or PATCH) to bulk archive the messages programmatically so we can automate the post-refresh process.

Perhaps something like server:port/api/errors/archive/ or “resolve”

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately not. The HTTP API used is considered private, so it is undocumented and subject to change at any time so we do not recommend customers use it.

Have you considered just deleting the contents of the database folder? Stop the service, delete the folder, and restart the service. ServiceControl will then create a fresh database. That would be our recommendation for this type of refresh in a test environment.

Hi Bob,

I can certainly look into that. Thanks!