ASB transport infinitely retries the incoming messages and logs large amount of exceptions


(Sean Feldman) #1

Customers using the new Azure Service Bus might encounter the following issue: when an endpoint is operating in SendsAtomicWithReceive transport transaction mode and is losing connectivity, a received message might get stuck on retries while the transport is trying to send the messages from the handler. We have investigated the issue and identified a problem with the underlying Azure Service Bus client. We’ve raised a GitHub issue with the messaging team and working with Microsoft on a resolution.

Meanwhile, if you are affected by this issue, we recommend one of the following workarounds:

  1. Restart the affected endpoints.
  2. Lower the transport transaction mode if your system allows.

One the client issue is resolved, we’ll be updating and releasing the transport.

NServiceBus & AzureServiceBus transport - exception when finishing message processing