Audit Instance unable to process MSMQ audit messages after upgrading ServiceControl from 4 to 5

I recently upgraded from Service Pulse and Service Control versions 1.38.1 to 1.38.2 and 4.33.3 to 5.2.2, respectively. Both ServiceControl Instance and Audit Instance are at version 5.2.2.

However, I’m encountering an issue where the Audit Instance isn’t processing any audit queues in MSMQ’s private audit queue. Outgoing audit queue messages are being listed as unprocessed.

I’ve checked the logs for both the ServiceControl Instance and Audit Instance, but neither of them is showing errors. All HTTP statuses are 200.

If anyone has any suggestions or has encountered a similar issue that was resolved, please let me know how.

Hi @Shawn,

I would check that the Audit instance is running and that IngestAuditMessages is not disabled.

Assuming everything is ok there, then I would recommend emailing and include your audit instance config file and audit logs.