Azure Cosmos DB survey

Hi everyone,

We’re starting to investigate supporting Azure Cosmos DB in NServiceBus. We’d love to know if/how Azure Cosmos DB is currently helping you solve your domain problems.

If you are either currently using Azure Cosmos DB or planning to use Azure Cosmos DB in the next 6 months can you fill out this super-short 4-question survey to help us out?

With thanks,
The team in Particular

Hi, I cannot open the survey. It states that I need permission

Thanks Marqus, should be fixed now.

What is the outcome of the survey?
Are you planning on supporting Azure Cosmos DB?

Sorry for the late reply @AurelianTimu, for some reason it slipped through my inbox.

What is the outcome of the survey?

The general outcome of the survey was along the lines of:

  • it’s a very interesting option
  • most of the people that participated in the survey are already using it

Are you planning on supporting Azure Cosmos DB?

Not yet, we are investigating options. For example given that Azure Cosmos DB supports different APIs we’re investigating what it means to make so that SqlPersistence supports Cosmos DB. Once we have a better understanding of Cosmos DB on the Platform we’ll have a more information to decide how to proceed.

So at the moment Cosmos DB can only be used via the Mongo API, is that correct? Given that the SQL API is described as “Core” it seems that’s preferable. Is Particular still looking into this?


This is still in our plans. The initial investigation has shown that Core API will be suitable for our Azure customers. The prototype has been created at some point will be moving forward with this. Unfortunately, I do not have a specific date to share.

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