Azure Functions with Azure ServiceBus - Endpoint does not allow period in name

Team, I’m trying to use Azure functions with NServiceBus using Azure ServiceBus transport.

I have successfully got it working following this doc when the endpoint name does not have a “.” or period in the name. E.g.: ASBTriggerQueue

However, my endpoint name has a period, “.” and I do not have control to change the endpoint name.

For example, let us say my endpoint name is “asb.triggerqueue”. With period in the name I get the following error:
The ‘NServiceBusFunctionEndpointTrigger-asb.triggerqueue’ function is in error: ‘NServiceBusFunctionEndpointTrigger-a
sb.triggerqueue’ is not a valid function name.

Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds to fix this issue?

I was able to get it working by overriding the trigger function name.

Thanks Stack Overflow: Publishing message using NServiceBus using Azure Function Cosmos DB Changefeed trigger - Stack Overflow