Azure Functions


(Sean Feldman) #1

Hello everyone!

We’re looking into deepening our understanding of how NServiceBus customers leverage Azure Functions or plan to use Functions in conjunction with NServiceBus-based systems.

Among the things we’d like to learn are:

  • Have you ever evaluated Azure Functions?
    • If “Yes,” what were the reasons for evaluation?
  • Have you decided to adopt/further evaluate Azure Functions?
    • If “Yes,” what were the main decision drivers?
    • If “No,” what was the alternative chosen?
  • How do you use Azure Functions?
    • What is the primary use case?
    • What is the time frame for adoption? Are you running Functions in production?
    • Did you integrate with NServiceBus parts of your system?
    • What were the main integration pain points?

Please share your thoughts with us and help to shape NServiceBus with Azure Functions experience.
Use the following link to provide your answers.

Thank you.

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