AzureStorageQueueTransport with Router - unable to define required serializer

I’m setting up a router to take messages from an AzureStorageQueue Transport & forward to a RabbitMQ transport. I’m defining the router interface for the AzureStorageQueueTransport as such:

routerConfig.AddInterface<AzureStorageQueueTransport>("AzureStorageQueue", t =>

However, upon calling router.Start() I get an error from NServiceBus: “Use ‘endpointConfiguration.UseSerialization();’ to select a serializer.” The docs for AzureStorageQueueTransport says that an explicit serialization definition is required. However, I don’t see a way to do this with the provided object in the lambda (t in the above code block). I get the same error with or without using the SerializeMessageWrapperWith<>(); function. Is there a way to define the serializer so I can use the AzureStorageQueueTransport with the Router?

Turns out it was a NuGet versioning issue. I was originally using NServiceBus 7.2.0 with NServiceBus.Router & NServiceBus.Router.Connector versions 3.7.1.

Once I upgraded NServiceBus.Router & NServiceBus.Router.Connector to their latest versions (3.10.0 at the time of writing this) - this also required use of NServiceBus >= 7.4.0, I was able to start the router without error.

Not sure why it mattered as my original setup was all compatible, but it works