Batching multiple events

(Brian Bak Laursen) #1

Hi guys,

We’ve been using NServiceBus in the past months and things are looking good.

One thing that we have come across and wanting to know more about is if there is an inbuild way of batching multiple events?

Essentially, we want to grab the next 10 or something events and do what is required with them.

Any suggestions on how to use something already build in to NServiceBus to achieve this?

Best regards

(Indu Alagarsamy) #2

Hi Brian,

What transport are you currently using? And what version?

Indu Alagarsamy
Particular Software

(Brian Bak Laursen) #3

Hi Indu,

Apologies for not bringing all information to the table.

NServiceBus version: 7.13
Transport: RabbitMQ

Best regards,