Can a file share be used with the endpointConfiguration.LicensePath() API

I would like to put the NSB license file in a network file share and use the endpointConfiguration.LicensePath() API to specify the license file location.

Are file shares supported?

Yes, they should work without any issue. We use the .NET FileStream API to read the entire file content from the provided location. There is no assumption about where the file is coming from.

What type of access will be needed by the process? The documentation indicates read/write permission.


Only reading is required. I think you are referring to:

That section is about license management via ServiceControl Management utility. That tool will write the license file to the correct defailt shared location. If you prefer another location for your endpoints that is fine and you would just manually put it at the correct (remote shared) folder with for example elevated administrative permissions.

Great. Thanks for the clarification.