Configuring multiple endpoints

Hi All,

While processing command in a message handler, I have to send commands to multiple ASB endpoints.

Say I am processing a request and I have to create CommandA and CommandB. Need to send CommandA to ASB-1 and CommandB to ASB-2.

Can you please help me if there is any sample/POC available?



setting that up is a two steps process. First, you need to configure the transport routing when configuring the endpoint:

var routing = endpointConfiguration.UseTransport(new AzureServiceBusTransport());
    messageType: typeof(CommandA),
    destination: "ASB-1");
    messageType: typeof(CommandB),
    destination: "ASB-2");

Once that’s done, in the message handler:

public async Task Handle(IncomingMessage message, IMessageHandlerContext context)
    var cmdA = new CommandA
        //set properties as needed
    await context.Send(cmdA);

    var cmdB = new CommandB
        //set properties as needed
    await context.Send(cmdB);

Let me know if that helps