Considerations for upgrade of NServiceBus persistence from RavenDB to MSSQLServer

What are the upgrade considerations and process related to upgrading NServiceBus persistence from RavenDB to MSSQLServer. For example, will all Sagas automatically re-persist any state to MSSSQLServer?

DTC not supported for RavenDB Persistence


Using the RavenDB persistence with distributed transactions enabled is a significant risk, as there is always a possibility that a transaction could be dropped, resulting in lost data.

All customers using RavenDB persistence are recommended to either:

Disable the Distributed Transaction Coordinator altogether and use the Outbox feature to manage consistency between message transport and persistence

Migrate to a different persistence technology altogether

Hi Bill,

The best route we have for migrating from RavenDB to SQL Server is to migrate to SQL Persistence with the help of a conversion tool we built in ParticularLabs.

It’s not exactly a point-and-click affair, so I’d encourage you to read that repo’s README and then come back with any questions.