Consumer disconnects from RabbitMQ and is not reconnecting

We have NserviceBus 7.4.4

When message sended to queue and service process time takes longer than “consumer_timeout” in rabbitmq, service loses queue and dont process any messages any more. Messages just hang in the status ready.

The only thing that helps is restarting the “dead” service after which it starts processing all messages from the queue

Can you provide some information that maybe can fix this issue via configuration of nservicebus or maybe this issue fixed in later versions of Nservicebus. Or maybe this issue cant be fixed.

Hi @Artem,

You might be experiencing a bug that was solved in the 6.1.1 release o the transport.

Could that be the case?


Yeap, that it the problem gone! Thank you!

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I’ve been fighting this exact problem for months, only it is happening on the ServiceControl audit instance. Was this (or a similar) fix ever done on ServiceControl? We are currently running v5.0.5