Correlation between messages

I have 10 messages flowing through different endpoints and complete one flow. From service insight I can see the connection between messages in flow diagram. Now I want to relate these messages with some id so that I would know these 10 messages are of same flow (or for order/payment). Once service control processes messages from audit queue, it created ravendb data for around 40k payments. I am creating database from ravendb data and query on it. But as there are around 5 million messages which could appear concurrently, I cannot relate the group of 10 messages for one single flow. Can we have any id which could connect all these 10 messages together?

Hi Raj,

The messages should already all be related by a header called ConversationId. When the first message is sent, the conversation id is set to a new GUID and added as a header. When that message is processed, the conversation id header is copied to any outgoing messages that are sent/published as a result. And when those messages are processed, the header is copied again.

This is how ServiceInsight is able to show them all in the same visualization. It queries the ServiceControl database by Conversation Id.

Are you trying to query the ServiceControl database directly?


I am querying ravendb data and fetching message details for checking end to end time taken by different messages in one flow.