Couchbase support with NServiceBus.Persistence

My team is wanting to use Couchbase for business-related data storage. We would also like to have the NServiceBus-related data in the same db. I’m finding no official libraries related to Couchbase.
Can anyone provide guidance on how best to move forward with using Couchbase for NSB persistence? Are there plans for supporting it in the future?

Hi Malcolm,

There is currently no plans to officially support Couchbase as a persistence.

I would like to add your feedback to to our internal technology tracker, can you expand a bit on what makes couchbase attractive for your team specifically?

There has been a desire within our enterprise to have a NoSql, Document Database available for use. For a variety of reasons, Couchbase was selected as that tool. The reasons for choosing Couchbase over other Document database options include, but aren’t limited to, its…

  • Memory-first handling of mutating queries (fast writes)
  • Mobile-app support via its SyncGateway
  • Security features
  • Its cluster-based architecture facilitates rapid and simple scaling

Thanks Malcom.

I’ve recorded your feedback.

As it stands now, there is no plan yet to create an official package for Couchbase.