Critical Time measure for delayed messages

Critical Time is being measured as the time between message send and message processing being finished.

This makes sense as a performance metric, since it includes queue wait time in the performance evaluation.

However, for delayed messages, the delay time is included into the critical time as well. And this is a bit strange to us. We like to monitor on critical time, because it provides a kind of SLA, but having the delay included in the critical time makes it useless for that purpose.

What are your thoughts on this?

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@jzeischka That is a good point. Critical time is calculated with the TimeSent value from the message headers. Unfortunately, we do not have a header that stores the timestamp for delivery.

I’ve created the following issue related to this:

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Thanks a lot, @ramonsmits

@jzeischka Great bro you describe well in this. But i have some more problems which i will mentioned after your permission :slightly_smiling_face:.

Sure @hamblingreg52. If it’s on topic, go ahead. Otherwise open a new issue :slight_smile: Wouldn’t know why you’d need my permission for that…