Cross platform version of Service Insight

Recently, my company was able to migrate its applications to dotnet core to allow them to run on linux containers. This prompted some of the developers to give non-windows development machines a try. There were very few issues except we relied heavily on Service Insight for diagnosing issues. As far as I know there isn’t a cross platform version of the tool, so I made one.

I thought it might be worth posting here in case anyone else finds it useful.

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Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the initiative for this. We’ll check this out internally when we have a chance. Hopefully it’s useful to others.

One note: you have an MIT license on the project. ServiceInsight is listed under an RPL 1.5 license which requires any derivative works to operate under the same license. Are you able to update the license to be RPL 1.5?

– Kyle

Hi @Kyle_Baley , yup I’ll update that now. I just threw the MIT license on because it was the most open that I was aware of.