Disable transport libraries autio-scanning

The following exception happens when multiple transports (SQL + RabbitMQ) are used inside single host process.

System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key (RabbitMQ.Routing TopologySupportsDelayedDelivery) was not present in the dictionary

There is a workaround: manual excluding transport libraries from assembly scanning.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install SQL-transport nuget-package
  2. Install RabbitMQ-transport nuget-package
  3. Try to start an endpoint with the sql-transport configured.


  • There should not be a conflict between different transport libraries located inside the same host folder.
  • Update documentation

Hey Alex,

I saw your answer on StackOverflow and answered it, mentioning the issue in the RabbitMQ transport repository.

For now, the way that it can be addressed is to exclude the transport from scanning, as you pointed to.


Hey @Scooletz,
Thanks, I see, fortunately, it is not a case for me anymore.