Docker solution for ServiceControl?


(Jeremy) #1

Is there a linux docker solution available or coming for service control? I hate to have to provision and manage a VM just for this when I could just deploy it as a container to my Google cluster. Thoughts?

(Dennis van der Stelt) #2

Hi Jeremy,

At the moment we have not got such a solution. Unfortunately. We have not yet officially released NServiceBus v7 with .NET Core support. Once we do, we’ll need to upgrade ServiceControl to NServiceBus v7 first. After that, this sure seems as a great candidate to release a Docker image for. But we can’t say how long this will take before it’s actually available.


(Jeremy) #3

Fair enough, thanks!

(Jeremy) #4

Suddenly, this is becoming more important us. Right now, we’re hosted in kubernetes and have to have a windows VM with service control installed and tunneled into the cluster in order to talk to RabbitMQ. Gross.

Service Control and ServicePulse would be great as containers and seem like somewhat easy wins. A webified ServiceInsight wouldn’t be a bad move either. Looking forward to seeing this happen :slight_smile:

(William Brander) #5

As a stop-gap, here is a (completely unsupported) Dockerfile I created that shows how to host ServiceControl within a docker container. The file in question uses a SQL transport, but it shouldn’t be a problem to switch it to rabbitmq with a server core base container.

(Jeremy) #6

what about a linux base :confused:

(William Brander) #7

Impossible at the moment unfortunately. And unlikely to be realistic in the short to medium term either :slightly_frowning_face:

(Diego Koga) #8

Willing to have the same for all 3 (Control, Insights and Pulse)… but in my case, I would host it on a windows service fabric…

Is there a user voice or something like that?