Does SendLocal make us of the infrastructure behind?


Within our saga, we are using SendLocal() to offload the processing from the saga workflow.
The documentation is, in my opinion, not clear enough, what SendLocal() really does and how it differentiates from a regular Send().

Does a SendLocal() also make use of the infrastructure behind (in our case ASB)? If yes, is the difference between the two methods only that one expects a certain endpoint to send to, and the other sends to the same endpoint as the handler has his handling context in?

On the other hand, if SendLocal doesn’t send the message to the broker, what happens if the receiver crashes? Is the regular handling via error box still given? Is the constancy between sending the command locally and persisting a saga state also given?

Thank you and cheers,

SendLocal() does indeed use the broker and queuing infrastructure.

As you can see in the code, SendLocal is just a shortcut method that sets the destination for the message to be the same endpoint that sent the message.