Does stopping, then restarting an endpoint cause that endpoint's subscriptions to be resent to publishing endpoints?

Using NHibernate as persistence and MSMQ as transport, NServiceBus v5. Not caching subscriptions.

when an endpoint stops and then restarts, does the endpoint re-register any events it’s interested in subscribing to in the publishing endpoints, or is this a one time op that happen only on the first start?


Hi Michael,

With AutoSubscribtion turned on by default, subscriptinos are re-created. For transports with message-driven subscription it means sending out subscription messages.

Thanks Sean!

On the message-driven subscription page, it lists available subscription peresistence as these items:

Shouldn’t SqlPersistence be in this list?

Absolutely. Thank you for spotting that and bringing up.
I have updated the article to include SQL persistence as well.