Dont buy this software

Used this in our main project years ago, and we now cannot upgrade many nuget packages unless we upgrade this project and pay a lot of money for something we barely use.

Basically, if you just want to use this for something small. DON’T!

If you want to pay yearly and this is a major part of what you do then be aware of what you are getting into.

We now are trying to figure ways to extract this from our lives.


Hi Bryan, I don’t think I am following your logic. I am not associated with Particular but do use their product(s). As with any software endeavor, once you start using 3rd party tools to help you solve a problem, there are costs associated with it. For internal usage, NSB can be as low as $25 (US)/month per node. If it really is used barely in your system (as per your post), I would imagine you have only a couple of nodes, so the cost should be quite low. Anyways… just my 2 cents.

Fully understand your point of view. I am just frustrated with a decision we made back a few years using this solution.

We have many nodes and its growing, and we only have 15 messages we use and we never really mess with NServicbus or work on code related to it.

The node growth is unrelated to NServiceBus becuase we are coupled, again poor decisions, code debt, whatever, we are where we are. So I am faced with licensing 12 developers and X nodes or spending the time to remove the software and put in MassTransitt.

So we are removing the code and putting in MassTransit.


Just wanted to add, for whomever reads this, that Particular contacted me regarding my issues and were great about it.

There is no doubt they have top quality support and care about there product. This does not mean we are going to keep using it, we are still evaluating our situation.


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to chime in to let people know that we haven’t been ignoring this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, many thanks to Bryan for taking the time to post on our developer forum and giving us a chance to engage in a 1-1 call to try and resolve the issue. Once we spoke with him directly, it helped us pin down the exact nature of the problem and allowed us to double and triple check that our licensing doesn’t cause any outages, especially in a production system.

We take all our customer suggestions including criticisms very seriously. We know that deciding to use our platform for your mission-critical products is an important step, and we want to make sure you succeed, and we will help you any way we can.

Just want to encourage everyone who is having problems to jump on the forum or contact our support. It only helps us get better at helping you.

Many thanks,
Indu Alagarsamy
Customer Success Team at Particular Software

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