Endpoint Monitoring not available

The current Monitoring tab in Service Pulse will sometimes read as follows:

Endpoint monitoring not available

Monitoring is not available due to one or more of these reasons:

  • the monitoring server is not configured or is unavailable
  • the monitoring plugin is not installed on the endpoints to be monitored
  • endpoints without the monitoring plugin do not have auditing enabled

I am questioning whether the last one is accurate. Should it read as “* endpoints with the monitoring plugin do not have auditing enabled”. Not it says “With the moniting plugin” vs “with out”.

Also I think it might make sense to add one additional line item. “All endpoints that are properly configured to send monitoring metrics, have been off line for more than an hour.” My understanding is that the service pulse only reports on the last hour of activity. On my local dev box if I come in the morning service pulse will report this because my endpoints were turned off for the evening. If I start them up then it starts reporting. This implies that original 3 bullet points were not applicable, as I did not have to make a change. Which leads me to surmise that the 4th bullet point I am proposing is of value particularly for users who are new to the system and do not make a correlation between this an heartbeats. In fact, the heart beat information is gone as well, so the user would not see this either.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for raising this.

The wording here is correct (although to be fair it isn’t very clear). What happens is that ServicePulse populates this screen from two different sources: A SeviceControl instance and a ServiceControl Monitoring instance. If you install the monitoring plugin into the endpoint, it will be sending data to the Monitoring instance and ServicePulse will get it’s data from there. If there is no data there for that endpoint but there is data in the ServiceControl instance (such as if you are auditing messages to the ServiceControl instance) then the endpoint will also show up. So, in order for an endpoint to show up on the list, it either has to have the monitoring plugin installed or it needs to have auditing switched on. If both of those statements are false, then the endpoint won’t show up. And if no endpoints show up, we show the page.

I am not sure that the third point is adding a lot of value. I have raised an issue in the ServicePulse repo to suggest removing it (or at least make it more clear).

That’s a good point.

This message was changed in 1.20 (released a week ago). It now reads:

  • the monitoring server is not configured or is unavailable
  • no endpoints with monitoring plugin available yet
  • endpoints without the monitoring plugin do not have auditing enabled

Note that the middle point has changed. In addition, there is now a button which lets you see the connection details and test the connection, right in the browser.

Does that help with the second point?


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That is much better and is another reason among many that I love the Particular community. Thanks