Error: "Endpoint name must not contain an '@' character.\r\nParameter name: endpointName"

I am using NSB version 6.4.3. I can successfully create endpoint (i.e., sample.test) in local MSMQ without using computer name. But when I am using computer name or server name in the format sample.test@servername or, I am getting the error

“Endpoint name must not contain an ‘@’ character.\r\nParameter name: endpointName”

var endpointConfiguration = new EndpointConfiguration(“sample.test”); --Works ok
var endpointConfiguration = new EndpointConfiguration(“sample.test@servername”); --Error in this line.

Could you please help me?


When using MSMQ the @ character is reserved as it’s used by MSMQ to address

The endpoint name does not need to contain the machine name, in production
routing will be configured with the endpoint name and the destination
machine name.


Hi Maz

In addition to what @mauroservienti said I would like to add that we have a good documentation that describes the physical routing part for production that Mauro was talking about

Let us know if you have any issues