Exception on handler send while send command using bus.defer

(Nirav) #1

Using nserveicebus 5.2.14, nservicebus host 6.0.0

I am getting exception mentioned at https://github.com/Particular/NServiceBus/issues/4000 in different scenario (in bus.defer as well), still this bug exist in above mentioned version ? whats the workaround for this ?

(Daniel Marbach) #2


The bug you mentioned is referring to a beta version of v6 of NServiceBus. You mentioned that you are using v5.2.14 of NServiceBus. Are you using conventions or the marker interfaces to mark your messages? Did you make sure that the convention picks up the message you are deferring?


(Nirav) #3

Yes using convention, also assembly where messages are there it is there in assembly scan

(Daniel Marbach) #4

I would love to help you out but without more details it is practically impossible :wink: Would you be able to create a small repro solution and share it with us?