Failure to Add Service Control Instance "Conflicting UrlAcls found"

Hello, I’m trying to set up ServiceControl on my work station. I installed the license then attempted to create a new ServiceControl instance. I set AmazonSQS as the transport. I did not properly set the access key and secret for the connection string (I was hoping it would find existing credential file). I hit Add and it failed to create SQS Queues since it didn’t have the credentials.

I then amended the connection string with something like this “Region=us-east-1;QueueNamePrefix=DEV_;AccessKeyId=XYZ;SecretAccessKey=ABC”. After hitting add I get this error:

Could not add new instance because of the following errors:
Conflicting UrlAcls found - http://localhost:33333/api/ vs http://+:33334/
Please verify the details or contact support.

Searching Google or this site for “Conflicting UrlAcls found” yields nothing.

I have a fresh install of ServiceControl 4.25.2

Probably unrelated, but my AWS credentials include aws_session_token in addition to aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key. It’s not clear how to include aws_session_token in the connection string.

Please advise.


I discovered this document which helped me remove the UrlAcl reservations:

Still trying to get credentials to work given the aws_session_token requirement of my setup.

Got my credentials file in the right place and SCM seems to have picked it up. So looks like I’m good for now.

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