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Hi John_Simmons,
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I have installed ServiceControl primary instance and ServiceInsight on the same server. Because it is a core server, I can not install ServicePulse out of the box. On the same server the software is running which sends MSMQ messages.

The problem I have now is that retrying a failed message stays in the Retry requested mode. Do you have an idea where to search what’s going wrong? I can’t get a clue from the log files.

Thanks in advance. Regards, Barbara

Follow up on How to setup remote ServiceControl instances on another server - #14 by hobut

Here as some causes:

  1. The command to perform the retry (put message back to endpoint queue) has not yet been executed
  2. The message to retry is send to the endpoint queue but has not yet been processed
  3. The message is processed but the control message send to signal ServiceControl to mark the message as processed isn’t send or routed correctly


  1. Can you review any queues if you see a unprocessed or failed messages in a queue?
  2. Can you attach the log files that contain log entries from the moment you selected to retry the message?

– Ramon

Hi @hobut,

  1. Can you attach the log files that contain log entries from the moment you selected to retry the message?

Just to clarify @ramonsmits request, we need the log files from the ServiceControl instance.

John (133.7 KB)

enclosed is the log file of the ServiceControle instance. I started the retry at June 10 15:13
The conversation id of the retried message is 029a647b-d83e-42a9-a733-b18b00fa93a2

Thanks in advance!

Hi @hobut,

The logs show that ServiceControl is trying to save poison messages in the error queue to disk. These messages seem to be missing the NServiceBus.FailedQ header which is required. Can you confirm that the messages you are retrying contain that header?

Are you sending any messages directly to the error queue?

Some of the exceptions in the log file you provided indicate that the D:\ProgramData\Particular\ServiceControl\Particular.ServiceControl\Logs\FailedImports\Error\FailedErrorImports\ directory does not exist.

Can you confirm whether or not you see that directory? If so, could you provide one of the files in it?

If the directory does not exist, can you restart the ServiceControl instance and confirm that it gets created.