Google Cloud Pub/Sub support


Any plan to support Google Cloud PubSub as a transport -


Hi Gursharan

Thanks for reaching out. As for now we are currently watching Google PubSub and Google Cloud Platform adoption in the .NET space. We would love to learn more from your evaluations about the Google Cloud Platform and especially Google PubSub

Do you have existing .NET solutions running on GCP?
Why are you considering moving to GCP?
What hosting platform for your .NET code are you planning to use in GCP?
What persistence solution are you planning to use in GCP?
Why are you particularly interested in Google PubSub offering?


Hi Daniel,

We are building a new product and evaluating various options.

Google Cloud Run to autoscale containers based on queue (Google PubSub) is what i am looking at.

AWS Elastric Container Service paired with SQS based auto-scaling is similar.

There is no comparable Azure offering.

Functions are not first class in NSB yet.

Product will run on Linux containers and use SQL server for persistence.

Hope that helps.

Hi Gursharan

Thanks for the background information. We support SQS so that would be something that you might be able to take into considerations.

For Azure have you seen the announcements around KEDA?

That would allow to observe queue length in Azure Storage Queues or Azure Service Bus and then auto scale the container.

We recently completed spike work around first class Azure Functions support. We are continuing on the path. Should I put you in the loop with people who are working on this?


Thanks Daniel for pointing me to KEDA project. It looks very interesting.

Regarding NSB on Azure Functions, yes please add me to the group working on it.

Many Thanks.

Hi Gursharan,

Could you please send an email to sean.feldman at
I’d like to add your work email to the list as well.

Thank you,