Grafana/Prometheus metrics for Endpoint-Errors in ServicePulse


I recently installed ServiceControl and ServicePulse to be able to use the error and retry functionality. Before that we had metrics about the length of the error queues per service on our grafana dashboards. We did that by gathering metrics about queues directly from RabbitMq via a Prometheus scraper. Because we now move all errors to the same queue that is immediately consumed by ServiceControl, we do no longer have this metric available.

We’d really like to continue to have a top level overview of our services in grafana. Is there a way to get the amount of errors to review as metric from ServicePulse/ServiceControl? Either by a prometheus exporter or directly by some grafana plugin or similar?

The only data I’m interested in, currently, is this:

I’d be happy to hear your ideas.

Thanks and best regards,