Handling azure service bus communication exception while sending

We are having intermittent issues with connecting to Azure Service Bus. While I understand they are transient network errors, and we have to fix them at the n/w level, we want to be resilient and make sure we do not lose the incoming message. The send async method is not throwing an exception after sending it to the queue fails. How do we make sure we are bubbling the exception up?. Please help.

Can you share a bit of your code to show how you are sending messages? Do you have abstractions on top of NServiceBus?

AFAIK out of the box if/when sending messages fail, an exception is thrown. Is this send part of a message handler or is it like a send-only interface (e.g. web api or similar)?

When during handling of a message an exception is thrown, it is caught by NServiceBus so that the message can be rolled back and retried. As long as you have taken idempotency into your design (to ensure you can handle duplicate messages) you are fine. Cases such as intermittent network issues is exactly why this retry feature exists in NServiceBus.