HeartBeat Monitoring


We have configured heartbeat on our endpoints and it is working correctly. We also want to have an email whenever an endpoint has stopped or resumed.

We have created a new endpoint that should handle HeartBeat messages but even when endpoint stops and message is shown on ServicePulse the message is not coming to monitor-endpoint.

I’m quite new to HeartBeat monitoring and followed the instructions on https://docs.particular.net/samples/servicecontrol/events-subscription/

We are using Sql Server as transport and as persistence. How to configure the endpoint to get the HeartBeat -messages from ServiceControl?

Any help?

Hi, and welcome to the group.

Which versions of SQL Server Transport and ServiceControl are you using? Older versions of the SQL Transport used message-driven pub-sub which requires that you tell the endpoint where the ServiceControl instance is so that it can send subscribe messages through. Here is some documentation that describes the type of configuration you need to add.

Le me know if that helps to get you unstuck.


I am using ServiceControl 3.1.1 and Sql Server Transport 6.0.

I first upgraded ServiceControl to 3.8.2 and then to 4.7.1. After final upgrading to 4.7.1 solved the issue and heartbeat monitoring started working. Now I need to figure out how to upgrade to production…